Frequently Asked Questions

What is Loquis?

Loquis is a social app for mobile devices that allows you to listen and to create geo-localized audio content related to the territory and share them with the rest of the world around you! While you move and without having to touch the screen.

How does it work?

Loquis works like a navigator, once started it will read for you the stories and contents close to where you are, based on the channels you have decided to follow. With Loquis you can explore the world around you, discover secrets, news, events, and curiosities directly from other people voices. You can also participate, sharing your content, letting your voice heard and living the world with your head up!

How can I listen to the contents?

To listen to the contents of Loquis you can simply start and listen, or you can click on the dots on the map in the dashboard, use the search function to find exactly what you want to hear or browse the available channels and subscribe to the ones you prefer.

How can I choose which channels to follow?

All Loquis channels are available in the “channel list When you find a channel for which you want to receive updates, you can click on “follow” at the top right of the channel tab. You will find the channel in the “followed” list and the new Loquis published on the channel in your “Voicebox

Profile and Personal Channels

Do I have to create a profile?

To use all the features of Loquis you need to register with your own email. To create a new personal profile from the navigation menu choose “Profile” and follow the simple on-screen instructions

Can I create my personal channel?

To share content on Loquis you need at least one personal channel. To create a channel click on the channel list icon  From the Loquis dashboard, in the “my channels” section click on the “+” button at the top right, you will be accompanied in the process of creating your channels in a few steps. You can create as many channels as you want.

Creation of Contents

What kind of content can I create?

We created Loquis with a very ambitious idea, to make the world speak, to tell all the stories, curiosities, events related to places. Those we visit or pass through, often unaware of what they would have to say.

How do I create an audio Loquis?

After creating your personal channel, you can click on the Loquis icon  in the dashboard and you will be accompanied through the steps necessary to create and publish your audio Loquis. Record the audio of your Loquis, review the transcribed text automatically, record and review the title of the Loquis, choose a channel to publish and then add extra information such as photos, categories, and tags. You can also modify your Loquis after publication.

Do I have to use my voice?

As an alternative, you can also create a Loquis simply by inserting text in the description and title fields instead of recording audio. A synthesized voice will read the texts you have entered. The rest of the creation process is analogous to the recording.

Functionality and Features

What can I customize?

From the top left menu in the dashboard you can access the app settings by clicking on “settings”. You can customize three parameters:

  • Interval: is the interval of automatic reproduction between a Loquis and the other
  • Source of Reproduction: the source from which to listen to Loquis, you can choose to receive only the new content from the channels you are subscribed to, receive only the geolocated content around you or both.
  • GPS Accuracy: Here you can set the degree of accuracy for the location of your device
What is the "Voicebox"?

The voicebox  is the section where all the new Loquis of the channels you are subscribed to are stored, but which you have not yet listened to

Is there a history?

The tab is accessible from the “history” item in the navigation menu. Here you will find all the Loquis you heard in chronological order. You can delete the history of the last 48 hours or delete it completely, in this case, the Loquis will be back available on the map in your dashboard

Can I share my content?

Sharing your Loquis or the Loquis of someone else is very simple, from the tab of the Loquis you have chosen click on the icon.  The content will be shared immediately on your favorite social networks

Privacy and Support

What data does Loquis collect?

Loquis collects some personal data to allow your access to the application services including:

  • Application usage data
  • Geolocation data
  • Data contained in the address book
  • Data provided voluntarily: user ID and e-mail address
  • Push notifications
Where can I find more information?

More information and the complete privacy policy can be found at

Where do I find the terms of service?

The terms of provision of Loquis services are available at


Where can I request special assistance?
  • For reports of inadequate content or for the violation of copyrights you can use the form within the app accessible in each content tab by clicking on (flag icon)
  • For alerts regarding application problems, errors in the code or malfunctions, you can send an email to:
  • For other reports or to contact a representative directly you can send an email to:

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